December 2016 – Beginning of BBT construction, Lots 2-3

December 2016 – First blasting in Val D’ultimo Tunnel

Sept 2016 – New opening PAC S.p.A. Uganda Branch Office

Opening of new Office PAC S.p.A. Uganda Branch in UEDCL Tower, Nakasero Road, Plot 37, Kampala.

Sept 2016 – Works completion: Provincia Autonoma di Trento

Rehabilitation of Adige-Garda Tunnel.

Sept 2016 – Works completion: Com.Mont.Valle Camonica

Rehabilitation of hydraulic section and Ripristino sezioni idrauliche e regulation of Oglio River in Comune of Sonico, 1° Lot

June 2016 – Tender Award: HYDROS s.r.l.

Hydroelectric plant of Lasa (BZ), Civil Work for construction of hydroelectric plant on Rio Rosim

May 2016 - Tender Award: Provincia di Bolzano

Construction of 2 tunnels “Contrada 1 – 2” and 2 bridges between km 2,860 and km 3,640 of SS 241 in Val d’Ega – 3° Lot

May 2016 – Tender Award (Joint Venture): Brenner Tunnel

Construction of itialian part of Rail Brenner tunnel – Lot of construction Mules 2-3.

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